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Welcome to our web page. Welcome to your home.
Our work with tourist rentals started 16 years ago when Rosario and I decided to acquire “Hazilla de Raya“ as a second home.
As with any startup, things were not easy and in the summer of 1992 we decided to rent out our house for a few weeks. At that time it was to friends of friends.
We would never have imagined that as the years passed, gigantic steps would be taken in the world of telecommunications that would change the course of society. For us, it was unthinkable that with one click of a computer mouse the doors of the world could open. We feel that one cannot deny reality and that we must accept these changes but we must be honest and say that we still struggle to understand and follow them.
From our point of view, not all changes should be embraced and followed. We believe that if certain things work well and are accepted by those who use them, there is no reason to change them. This is the spirit that we enforce day by day in the workings of our business and in the service we provide to our clients. Our highest aspiration is met when we see our clients becoming repeat guests and almost all of them members of our circle of friends.
We strive to maintain and improve all the things which we have accustomed our clients to in each of our houses;  the very same things that we like to find when we have the opportunity to take a few days vacation. That makes us very demanding of ourselves. We believe that this is the key to our growing rentals and to the loyalty of our client base.
Small details sometimes turn out to be the greatest successes for our little enterprise,. We like to be in tune with the part of Andalucia where we live and not change the styles and appearances that belong to our surroundings because those are the reason people choose this area in which to enjoy their holidays.
We try to transmit these very principles to our children (Claudia and Nicolás) as well as to those that help us in the vital and appreciated tasks of maintenance and cleaning. It is with them who we also look to the future.
foto contacto 02 With this very sincere and personal introduction we would like to make easier your decision to enjoy your well deserved holidays with us in peaceful surroundings, away from overcrowding and with exceptional views.
Thank you for reading this and we hope to one day give you a very sincere welcome.

Rosario, Javier and children
Javier Ferreres
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C/ Almona, 11
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